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RBP – Ration Balancing Program


In the operational area of the Union, livestock holding in general and milch-animal holding in particular, is far more equitable than land holding. Average milch- animal holding in the district varies from 1 to 3 animals per household. HF cross, Kankrej are the predominant breeds of cows, while in buffaloes Mehsana & Murrah breeds are mostly found in this area. Though average yield of cows and buffaloes in the district is higher than the state and country’s average, their genetic potential has not been fully exploited. Low productivity of animals with higher genetic potential is primarily attributed to imbalanced and inadequate feeding. This project has been completed and closed in the year 2017.

Farmers in the district mainly feed their animals on crop residues like jowar, bajra stovers & wheat straw, which form their basal diet. Seasonally grown green fodders like hybrid napier, bajra, oats, maize, chicory, sorghum, Lucerne etc. are also being fed. Cattle feed (Sagardan) forms the major concentrate feed ingredient fed to the animals. On the basis of availability and cost, some locally available concentrates like cakes (de-oiled cottonseed, maize, rapeseed), grains (maize, wheat, barley, bajra) and chunies (soybean, tur, mung) are also fed to animals in limited quantity. Farmers are unaware about the importance and usage of mineral mixture as part of animal diet.

Animals fed with imbalanced ration invariably results in overfeeding or underfeeding in terms of protein, energy and minerals resulting in milk production lower than their genetic potential. Imbalanced feeding does not only affect milk production but also increase the cost of production per litre of milk and disturbs various physiological functions which are detrimental to the productive as well as reproductive performance of animals in the long term. In view of this, it is proposed that ration balancing advisory services in the district would help in improving the productivity and reproductive efficiency by re-appropriating the available feed resources and use of mineral mixture. This will also help in bringing down the cost of milk production.

Key Performance Indicator End of the Project Target Cumulative Target and Achievement
(As per approved Sub Project Plan) Target till March 2016 Actual till April 2016
Villages to be covered 400 400 400
Number of milch animals to be covered 40000 40000 40108
Producer members to be covered 13000 13000 23332
Number of LRPs to be inducted 480 480 423
Number of Technical Officers to be appointed 2 2 2
Number of Trainers to be hired 2 2 2
Particulars Before RBP After RBP Change
Milk (kg/day) 8.68 8.84 0.17
Fat (%) 4.93 5.03 0.11
Cost of feeding (Rs./day/animal) 156.6 140.7 -15.89
Increase in net daily income (Rs./animal) 24.25

Reference: inaphdb.nddb.coop

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