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CRP – Calf Rearing Program

Calf Rearing Program (CRP)

Young calves (female) are the backbone of dairy industry. Female calves of CBHF and Buffalo calved by A.I. are to be covered under this program. They are identified by applying a Bar Coded Ear Tag and registered into software specially designed for this program.

This program is a joint venture of our union and GCMMF. Technical and financial support (subsidy) is being assisted by GCMMF.

To safeguard a calf from many diseases Colostrum feeding to a day old calf is important for acquired immunity in form of Immunoglobulin from the colostrum. Milk Replacer is given after 7 days upto 3 months. Calf Starter is to fed to calves after 3 months of age till one year. By feeding this package of nutraceuticals, a buffalo calf comes in first heat at an age of 15-17 months and 9-11 months for cross bred calves. Average body weight gain of calves under this program is 250 – 350 grams per day. We have reared nearly 5000 calves from 150 DCSs last year under this program and are planning to increase DCS coverage to 400 this year.

Objectives / Aims of the Calf Rearing project:

  • To reduce the calf mortality
  • To improvement in breed
  • To reduce the age at first calving

Now a day’s Farmer does not raise their new born calf and also there is 50 to 60% mortality rate and due to this we lost our valuable future generation. Due to the lack of information for raising calf we lost valuable calf with veterinary expense and additional man hours involved.

In field condition 60% animal bred by AI technique with high genetically potential dose for improvement of breed for future and on other hand after calving farmers is less interested for replacement stock with new born female calf and due to this we lost our future genetically potential breed.

Since many years we use AI Technique though we cannot get improvement in our milk production per animal due to the lack of calf rearing.

For Improvement of Breed and Milk Production for future generation calf rearing has been required.

Union Level Activities:

  • Selection of AI born female calf
  • Supply of naval Kit
  • Supply of first Deworming dose at 10 day and then after up to 6 month Deworming at regular interval
  • Supply of Aahar Kit containing Milk Replacer 10Kg, Calf Starter 50Kg and Grooming Brush
  • Weight Measurement at 3 Month and regularly as per Parameter
Calf Rearing Programme
Sr.No Year No.of Village Calf Registered Supply Milk Replacer  at 50% Subsidy Rate Supply Calf Starter at 50% Subsidy Rate Calving Take place in Calf of this Project with Reduce age at First Calving
1 2012-13 392 4654 50520 Kg 239250 Kg
2 2013-14 377 7185 75710 Kg 387500 Kg
3 2014-15 377 2800 38000 Kg 169700 Kg 312
We have started Pure Breeding Programme
1 We procure 2000 100% HF Imported semen Doses from USA
2 Supply 667 Semen dose to DCS
3 AI and PD started for this doses
4 We have got 32% Pregnancy Rate till today

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