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  • Mehsana Milk Union was registered on 8th November 1960 under the leadership of its Founder Late Shri Mansinhbhai P Patel with a fund of Rs. 5232/- and procurement of Average 3300 Litres of milk per day of 11 Village Milk Co-operative societies.
  • Started supplying milk to Ahmedabad Municipal Dairy.
  • Shri Mansinhbhai was appointed in the working committee for Co-operative Dairies and Animal Breeding program of Government of India during the third five year plan.
  • Foundation Stone laying of Dairy Plant Building, Dudhsagar Dairy.
  • Establishment of Vihar Chilling Center.
  • Late Shri Morajibhai Desai, the then Finance Minister of Government of India inaugurated the first Powder plant and Pasteurization plant with capacity of 90000 liter.
  • Shri Mansinhbhai attended the 17th International Dairy Conference.
  • Mobile Veterinary Clinics started.
  • First order of 750 MT milk powder from Indian Army.
  • Distribution of fresh and pasteurized milk started for public of Mehsana city.
  • Visit of Dairy Plant by Late Smt. Indira Gandhi, Then Prime Minister of India on 3 October 1967.
  • Establishment of Milk Chilling Centre at Kheralu.
  • Launch of “Dudhsagar Patrika”.
  • Commencement of transportation of milk to Delhi.
  • Inauguration of Cattle Feed Factory at Boriavi by the then Chief Minister Shri Hitendrabhai Desai.
  • Demise of Shri Mansinhbhai P Patel, Founder Chairman on 30 September 1970.
  • Initiation of the expansion project on 4 November 1970.
  • Launch of production of Baby Food with ISI Mark.
  • Foundation Stone laying of Mansinhbhai Institute of Training (MIT) on 14 January 1971.
  • Procurement of 254000 litres of milk on 14-01-1971 which was two and a half times more than the plant capacity.
  • Establishment of second Powder Plant.
  • Commencement of Marketing of Milk products under the Brand name of “Sagar” in Mumbai and other large cities.
  • Celebration of 11th anniversary on 24, 1972 in presence of Sir Richard Tehan, Chairman of International Dairy Federation and Marketing Head of U.K. Milk.
  • Foundation stone laying of Milk Chilling Centre at Hansapur (Patan).
  • Commencement of Purchase of cow milk on equivalent fat basis.
  • Establishment of Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation.
  • Unveiling of statue of Late Shri Mansinhbhai P Patel on 4/10/1973 by Shri Morajibhai Desai.
  • Commissioning of new Powder Plant.
  • Introduction of Group Insurance Scheme for members.
  • Establishment of Cattle breeding centre (Pashu Samwardhan Kendra) at Jagudan.
  • Establishment of Milk Chilling Centre at Kadi.
  • Establishment of Milk Chilling Centre at Harij.
  • Introduction of Cattle insurance scheme.
  • Inception of Banas Dairy under support and guidance of Dudhsagar Dairy.
  • Packaging of milk in poly propylene packaging (milk pouch).
  • Organization of Calf rally in villages.
  • Milk processing capacity of the dairy increased to 4.5 lakh litres per day.
  • Inception of Wireless in Mobile Veterinary Clinics for treatment of animals.
  • Commencement of Cattle Feed plant (Sagardan) at Ubkhal.
  • Opening of offices of Cooperative services and Animal health at various milk chilling centers.
  • Expansion of Dairy plant capacity due to very high increase in milk procurement.
  • Conferment of gold medal to Dudhsagar dairy from Institute of Defense & National Character, Delhi.
  • Construction of new Office building and Staff quarters.
  • Organization of Animal fair.
  • Commissioning of fourth Milk Powder Plant.
  • Introduction of Savings Scheme for the benefit of members.
  • Field Progeny Testing program in Mehsana Buffalo.
  • Increase in cow milk by 59%.
  • Procurement of 11.94 lakh litres of milk on 31st January 1991; highest milk procurement in a day in India.
  • Packaging of 500 Grams Ghee in poly propylene packaging (Ghee Pouches).
  • Commissioning of Sweetened Condensed Milk plant; the only plant in cooperative dairy sector manufacturing SCM all over India as on to date.
  • Number of Member Milk Societies increased to 1000.
  • Conferment of “Shrimati Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini” award to Shri Motibhai Chaudhari for Women Empowerment.
  • Accreditations of ISO and HACCP.
  • Introduction of Bulk Milk Coolers at village level for clean milk production.
  • Launch of “Sagar Sfurti” flavored milk in market.
  • Introduction of Mass Deworming programme in cattle and buffalos.
  • Foundation Stone laying of Dudhmansagar Dairy, Manesar.
  • Demise of Shri Motibhai Chaudhari.
  • Re-launch of Dudhsagar Patrika, in-house publication.
  • Introduction of policy on milk quality.
  • Protest for increase in allocation of gas.
  • Commissioning of Dudhmansagar Dairy, Manesar plant.
  • Introduction of Dairy visits for women members.
  • Introduction of uniforms for employees of Village level Dairy Cooperative Societies.
  • Number of installed Bulk milk Coolers in villages crossed 100.
  • Introduction of Fertility Improvement Program for Infertile dairy animals.
  • Accreditation of ISO certification in 85 village level cooperative societies.
  • Re-launching of Painting schemes for buildings of dairy cooperative societies.
  • 100% increase in contribution of Animal Insurance Premium.
  • Number of Artificial Insemination centers increased to 508.
  • Benefit to 40,000 women members under Sagar Darshan Scheme.
  • Golden Jubilee Year.
  • Involvement of all Member Cooperative Milk Societies in the celebration of milk day.
  • Introduction of Animal Identification Scheme for all dairy animals.
  • Introduction of Dudhmansagar Dairy tour programme.
  • Introduction of Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme for Milk producer members.
  • Milk procurement of 800000 litres of milk per day from Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab states for processing in Dudhmansagar Dairy Manesar, Haryana and its marketing and distribution in Delhi/NCR.
  • Construction of the State of the art green field dairy project ; Dudhmotisagar Dairy at Dharuheda, Haryana with a processing capacity of 30,000 lakh litres per day.
  • Establishment of “Mansinhbhai Institute of Food And Dairy Technology” (MIDFT)for providing a degree course in Bachelor of Technology (Dairy Technology) with 32 students in the first batch & 14 girls in the first batch.
  • Launch of Sterilized and homogenized milk in specialized pouch packing in the brand name of Sagar Moti & Amul Moti with a shelf life of 30 days & 90 days respectively without refrigeration.
  • Inauguration of Cattle feed plant at Jagudan with manufacturing capacity of 1000 metric ton per day by Hon. Chief Minister of Gujarat State, Shri Narendrabhai Modi.
  • Launch of high fat “Amul Diamond” milk.
  • Inauguration of Dudhmotisagar Dairy with a processing capacity of 30 lakh litres per day by the then Minister of Agriculture, Shri Sharad Pawar, Govt. of India in presence of Shri Buphendra Singh Huda, Chief Minister of Haryana State.
  • Foundation Stone laying for Conversion of Milk Chilling Centre to fully fledged dairy plant at Hansapur (Patan) by Shrimati Anandiben Patel, Revenue Minister, Govt. of Gujarat.
  • Conversion of Milk Chilling centre into Dudhvidhyasgar Dairy at Kadi.
  • Inauguration of Dr. V Kurien Academic Centre.
  • Inauguration of new canteen building in Dairy premises, Mehsana on 26/1/2013.
  • Mass Tree Plantation program on 15th august in all villages of Mehsana Milk Shed area.
  • Conversion of Milk Chilling centre at Hansapur into Dudhsagar dairy Patan.
  • Establishment of Mehsana Buffalo Breeder’s Association.
  • Commissioning of a new SCM plant at Mehsana with 20 metric tons per day.
  • Unveiling of Statue of Late Shri Motibhai Chaudhari at Dudhmotisagar Dairy and Inauguration of Dudhmotisagar Bhavan by Shri Radhamohan Singh, Hon. Minister of Agriculture, Govt. of India on 3rd July 2014.
  • Launch of 200ml Ghee Pouch packing.
  • Introduction of Special Cattle feed for buffaloes (Sagar Bhains Dan).
  • Commencement of transportation of processed milk from Kheralu Chilling Centre to Dudhmansagar dairy, Manesar and Dudhmotisagar Dairy, Dharuhera.
  • Packaging of Amul Buttermilk 500 Ml. Pouch.
  • Inauguration of advanced fully automatic SCM plant with capacity of 20000 kg per day, by Hon. Chief Minister of Gujarat, Smt. Anandiben Patel.
  • Packaging of Amul Tazza milk in 500 ml Pouch and 200 ml pouch at Dudhsagar dairy, Mehsana.
  • Commencement of transportation of processed milk from Hansapur chilling center (Patan dairy) to Dudhmansagar dairy, Manesar and Dudhmotisagar Dairy, Dharuhera.
  • Dudhsagar dairy, Mehsana,
    • Launched 500ml “Sagar Gold Plus” milk having pure buffalo milk with 6.5% fat.
    • Commissioning of Dahi manufacturing, capacity of 10000 kg per day at Dudhvidhyasagar dairy, Kadi.
  • Dudhmansagar dairy, Manesar,
    • Launched homogenized Amul milk with low fat in 500ml, 1 litre and 6 litre pouch.
  • Dudhmotisagar dairy, Dharuhera,
    • Launched homogenized Amul milk with low fat in 500ml, 1 litre and 6 litre pouch.
    • Launched cow milk in 500ml pouch.
  • Dudhsagar dairy, Mehsana,
    • Highest milk procured @ 40.25 lac litre on 12th Jan 2018.
    • Launched “Sagar Dahi” from Dudhvidhyasagar dairy, Kadi.
    • Launched sexed semen doze through ABS global USA, at India’s number two semen station, Pashu Samwardhan Kendra, Jagudan.
  • Dudhmotisagar dairy, Dharuhera,
    • Launched Amul Masala / Jira flavoured buttermilk.
    • Recognition as first runners up by Indian dairy association, north zone for the best, well equipped, clean and hygienic dairy in northern part of india.
    • Accreditation of ISO certification ISO 9001:2015.
    • Launched cow milk in 2 litre pouch.
    • Launched “Amul Lite” dahi in 2kg/ 5kg/ 6kg/ 10kg/ 15kg plastic matka.
  • Dudhsagar dairy, Mehsana :
    • Conferment of CSR excellence TV-9 award by Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri. Vijaybhai Rupani on 16th feb 2019.
    • Distribution of “SAILAGE” to milk producers on no-profit / no-loss basis.
  • Dudhmansagar dairy, Manesar :
    • Launched pure cow and pure buffalo milk.
    • Launched traditional “RABDI” in Delhi market.
    • Launched Dahi in 85gm packing in Delhi market.
  • Dudhsagar dairy, Mehsana :
    • Started a new high-speed machine with the capacity of 150 tin / Minute at SCM plant for 200gm tin / 400gm tin
    • Started packing ‘Buffallo Milk‘ in UHT pouch packing.
    • Started ‘Amul Moti‘ milk packing in UHT which holds its quality for 45 days and made it available in an open crate for selling
    • Started tin packing of 1ltr, 2ltr and 5ltr ghee under the brand name of DUDHSAGAR
    • Started automatic machine for Butter making with the capacity of 1 ton / hour at Vihar dairy.
  • Dudhmansagar dairy, Manesar :
    • Started ‘Haldi Ice-Cream‘ in the packing of 100 ml and 125 ml cup.
  • Dudhmotisagar dairy, Dharuhera :
    • Started ‘Amul Rabari‘ plant with the daily capacity of 250 Kg / day.
    • Started ‘Sweet Buttermilk‘ in the delhi market specially for the summer season.
  • Dudhsagar dairy, Mehsana :
    • Started 200ml , 500ml , 1 Lit cow ghee at vihar dairy
    • Started 200ml ‘Sanjivani Flavoured Milk‘ at patan dairy
    • Started New machine for 5 & 10rs. pouch packing at Powder plant ,Mehsana
  • Dudhmansagar dairy, Manesar :
    • Started Asli Aam ice-cream packing on 18-Mar-22
    • Started ‘Amul Moti‘ UHT Milk packing on 13-Apr-22, Which holds its quality for 45 days
    • Increase UHT milk packing capacity to 2 Lack Per day

Dudhsagar Patrika

Dudhsagar Patrika is a magazine published by Dudhsagar Dairy which provides activity updates of Dudhsagar Dairy and learning on Dairy Farming, Cattle Feed, Animal Husbandry, Women Empowerment etc.


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