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PEP – Productivity Enhancement Program

Productivity Enhancement Program (PEP)

Milk Producers (farmers) can get maximum benefit with respect to milk production when dairy animals (cow, buffalo) give milk to its full potential. Milk potential is an inherent trait received from her parents.

To exploit a dairy animal for full milk production to its potential is a multi factorial and complex process. Many factors like optimum health, reproductive health, controlled animal nutrition and managemental practices are attributes for productivity enhancement.

We follow strategic programs in a integrated manner at DCS level and farmers’ door step level so as to improve productivity of dairy animals in particular. We organize infertility camps at selected DCS where sizable infertile animals are there. We make on line data entry of each and every activity performed on an animal viz. Artificial Insemination (AI), Date of Pregnancy Diagnosis (PD), Calving Date, Vaccination, deworming etc. We analyze by using this software and find out the thrust area for focus work for this program.

Sr.No Year No.of Village No.of Camps No.of Cases Online Data of PEP Activities No.of Animal in which ICI Reduce No.of Animal in which AFC Reduce
Registration Total AI PD Positive Calving
1 2010-11 226 452 23906 191554 51755 2438 661
2 2011-12 226 452 22987 182073 82205 21309 12664
3 2012-13 392 1176 54244 52957 108027 35330 26378
4 2013-14 377 1131 47844 59598 118068 43986 39334 6113
5 2014-15 400 276 8298 56273 90353 47129 32656 11000 480
In process

We can get 80% Result in our Fertility camps  and Get profit in Crore Rupees but main aim also to reduce Intercalving Interval and Age at First Calving

Dudhsagar Patrika

Dudhsagar Patrika is a magazine published by Dudhsagar Dairy which provides activity updates of Dudhsagar Dairy and learning on Dairy Farming, Cattle Feed, Animal Husbandry, Women Empowerment etc.


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