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Amulya - Dairy Whitener

Amulya – Dairy Whitener


Product Name Amulya
Description Dairy whitener
Packing 1 Kg Pouch, 500g Pouch / Refill, 200g Pouch / Refill, Rs 10 Pack, Rs 5 Pack


Category Description
Composition Ingredients: Partly Skimmed Milk and Sucrose.
Composition Per 100g: Milk Fat-20g, Milk Protien-20g,
Carbohydrates-50g, Minerals-5g
Nutritional Information
Amount per 100 g
Energy, kcal 460
Energy from Fat, kcal 180
Total Fat, g 20
Saturated Fat g 12.4
Cholesterol, mg 52
Sodium, mg 88
Total Carbohydrate, g 50
Added Sugar, g 18
Protein, g 20
Calcium, mg 1000
Not a significant source of Dietary fiber, Vitamin C, and Iron.  
*Approx. values
Shelf Life 12 months
Storage Condition Ambient

Product Features:

  • Amulya, a premium Dairy Whitener from the house of Amul is the favourite choice of all Tea and Coffee lovers across India.
  • It has the highest milk fat content among all the Dairy Whitener brands in India that makes it the creamiest dairy whitener.
  • It is available in attractive packaging, wide range of pack sizes and at affordable prices.

Product Application:

  • Ideal for preparing Tea, Coffee, Sweets, Curd, Cakes and Other Milk Based Products.
  • On reconstitution as per directions, 1 Kg of Amulya provides 8L of sweetened toned milk mix.

Available In:

  • All Over India in Normal Trade and Modern Format Stores
  • Amulya powder is exported though GCMMF network.

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