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CRP – Calf Rearing Program

Calf Rearing Program (CRP)

Young calves (female) are the backbone of dairy industry. Female calves of CBHF and Buffaloes calved by A.I. are   covered under this programme. They are identified by applying a Bar Coded Ear Tag and registered into software specially designed for this programme.

To safeguard a calf from many diseases, colostrum feeding to a day old calf is very important for development of acquired immunity in the form of Immunoglobulin from the colostrum they get. Milk Replacer is given after 7 days of the age of the calf up to 3 months. Calf Starter is then fed to calves after 3 months of age till one year. By feeding this package of nutraceuticals, a buffalo calf comes in first heat at an age of 15-17 months and a cross bred calf in 9-11 months. Average body weight gain of calf under this program is 250 – 350 grams per day. We have reared nearly 8000 calves from 400 DCSs during year 2019-20 under this programme.

Objectives / Aims of the Calf Rearing project:

  • To reduce the calf mortality
  • To improvement in breed
  • To reduce the age at first calving

Now a day a farmer is not inclined to raise their new born calf. At the same time   there is 50 to 60% mortality rate due to non scientific raising of the calf and due to this, we are   losing our valuable future generation of dairy animals.

In field conditions, nearly 60% dairy animals are bred through  Artificial Insemination of  high genetically potential bull for improvement of the breed for future. On other hand after calving farmers are less interested to raise the female calf for replacement of stock and due to this we lose our future genetically potential breed.

For Improvement of breed and milk production for future generation, calf rearing is of most importance. Therefore, through this programme of Calf Rearing, we are performing following activities .Selection of AI born female calf  Supply of naval Kit.

  • Supply of first Deworming dose within 10 days of birth and then after up to 6 months of age at regular interval
  • Supply of Aahar Kit containing 10 Kg. of Milk Replacer and 50 Kg. of Calf Starter
  • Weight Measurement at 3 Month and regularly as per parameter
  • Calf Feeding bottles supply to Milk Producers at 50% subsidised rates
  • Supply of Growth Promoter( Calf Live) for Calves under this Programme
Calf Rearing Programme
Sr. No Year No. of Village Calf Registered Supply Milk Replacer  at 50% Subsidy Rate(Kg) Supply Calf Starter at 50% Subsidy Rate(Kg) Calving Take place in Calf of this Project with Reduce age at First Calving Total Subsidy To Owner In (Rs.) Total Subsidy to Owner/Animal in (Rs)
1 2014-15 271 3394 38000 169700 177 456660 2580
2 2015-16 268 3334 33340 166700 556 3063560 5510
3 2016-17 277 5447 58000 272350 583 3680479 6313
4 2017-18 360 6660 66600 333000 416 2647008 6363
5 2018-19 441 8518 89000 425900 715 4681105 6547
6 2019-20 409 6462 64000 323100 871 6427980 7380
7 2020-21 475 9540 106000 477000 836 6326848 7568
8 2021-22 678 12396 121450 619800 760 5608420 7380
8 2022-23 573 9414 97975 470700 1001 7887880 7880


Strategic Calf Rearing  Centre

We have started Calf Rearing Centre at village Charada for demonstration of scientific management of corss bred and buffalo calves and  reducing age at first calving up to 24 month with proper Nutrition and Management. Calf Rearing Centre was started on 20.06.2017 at Village Charada.


  • To demonstrate milk producers for Scientific Calf Rearing.
  • To Reduce AFC of HBHF calf up to 24 Month with attainment of desired Weight
  • To minimize purchase of Cows& Buffaloes from outside of the milk shed areas
  • To procure male Calf of superior genetic potential for Semen Station, Jagudan
  • To Enhance interest of milk producers for calf rearing

Criteria For Selection Calf:-

  • Calf born from Imported HF & Sex Semen Dose
  • Calf born from Superior Dam as per High Milk Yield
  • Age for CBHF 1 to 4 Month & Buffalo 1 to 9 Month
Particulars 2022-23 2023-24 Total
No.of Calf 112 20 122
No. of AI First AI 26 Repeat AI 6 First AI 12 Repeat AI 6 FirstAI 38 ,Repeat AI 12
Pregnant 9 5 14
Aboartion 1 1 2
Calving 1 4 5
Average growth rate 503gm/Day
AFC IN MONTH 23.5 month

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