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MCP – Mastitis Control Project



Mastitis is a major culprit for dairy industry. This is not only the problem of our country but its prevalence is worldwide. Every year nearly 40 billion rupees loss India has to bear by loss of milk production due to this disease. Mastitis causes 20 – 25 % loss in milk production when an animal is affected from this disease.

In order to prevent this loss by mastitis, we follow sound strategic programs at farmers’ door step level. Being a managemental disease, farmers are to be awared of hygienic/clean milk production. Training programs for animal hygiene, udder hygiene, utensils hygiene, personal hygiene etc. we follow to control this disease. Mastitis Detection Kit and its usage training is being given to farmers to detect an early infection of mastitis. Also, Teat Dip Solution is supplied at subsidized rate (50%) to prevent mastitis.

Reason for Implementation of Project

  • Since 2002 % of mastitis visit increase every year
  • Owner do not know about sub clinical mastitis
  • Farmer do not know about the loss due to the mastitis & sub clinical mastitis
  • to reduce clinical case of mastitis
  • to reduce sub clinical case of mastitis
  • to improve quality of milk
  • to increase milk production
  • to reduce drug residue problem
  • to improve sanitation & hygiene at farm level
  • area of loss
  • economic loss due to reduction in milk yield
  • reduction in quality of milk
  • veterinary expense
  • loss of teat
  • some time culling the animal
  • Mastitis is 2nd highest visit out of total visit.

Extension Work at Farmer Doorstep

  • Nail cutting to prevent injury to udder & teat
  • Wash the Hand Before Milking
  • Wash the Udder with Water
  • Clean the Teat & Udder
  • Milking the Animal in Clean Space
  • Teat Dipping after Milking the animal
  • Detection of Sub Clinical Mastitis at Regular interval
  • Open Space to Prevent Diseases

Reason for Implementation of Project

  • Training to consultant to detect Subclinical Mastitis By California Mastitis Test and 4-Quarter Master, Draminski Machine
  • This Training also given to A.I.Technician
  • Procurement of equipment(CMT Kit, 4-Quarter Master, Draminski Machine, Dipal Kit)
  • Village Awareness Program at DCS Level for Proper Execution of Project
  • Training to Farmer for Detection of Subclinical Mastitis and Supply CMT Kit and Dipal Kit
  • Arrangement of Mastitis Camp for Treat the Subclinical case

Project has been implemented in our Milk shed area in 2009-12 (3Year Project) in which we have distributed CMT Kit and Dipal Kit to 12821 Farmers free of cost. We had given treatment to 7657 Animal for Subclinical Mastitis and 11343 Animal for Clinical Mastitis

100% Granted by Government of India
Mastitis Control Project  2010-12
No No.of Village Survey Member No.of Animal Beneficiary Animal Treated for Clinical Mastitis Animal Treated for Sub Clinical Mastitis
1 50 12821 47430.5 3523 11343 7657

MCP:2010-11 & 2011-12

MCP Certificate

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