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Technical Input

Technical Inputs Department

Technical Input Department of Dudhsagar Dairy entrusted with responsibility of Animal Breeding with aim of increasing milk productivity of dairy animals in Mehsana Milkshed area.

Milk production potential of animals inherited from parents as chromosomes /DNA. In the process of inheritance Dam and Sire both plays equal role to decide genetic makeup of offspring. Dairy Breeding is a science to ensure progressive improvement in genetic makeup for milk production of dairy animal generation after generation.

Mehsana Buffalo Progeny Testing  Project

Mehsana buffalo, Kankrej & Crossbred cattle are important breeds of dairy animals in the Mehsana Milkshed area. Dudhsagar Dairy Mehsana recognizes importance of breeding since beginning  and  in 1976 established its own Semen station for extensive use of elite Bulls both for Cattle & Buffalo through Artificial Insemination.

We are first Cooperative in nation to implement systematic Field Progeny Testing Program for improvement of Mehsana Buffalo since 1985 in technical guidance of NDDB, Anand.  Extensive use of semen from High Genetic Merit Bull produced by nominated matting using semen of proven Mehsana Buffalo bulls along with improved management practices resulted in positive change in economic characters of Mehsana buffalo as under

Sr. No Criteria 1985 Status 2019 Status
1 Average First Lactation Milk Yield (FLMY 305 Day) (Kg) 1500 1923
2 Average Age at First Calving (Months) 56.2 45.4
3 Average Calving Interval (Months) 19.2 16.0

Till Mar 2020, total of 236 Mehsana Buffalo bulls in 18 successive batches have been put under testing. Since inception, 101130 Mehsana buffaloes have been identified and covered under the program. A total of 436681 AIs were performed and 40499 PT daughters have born in the project area. Sires are evaluated on the basis of 305 days first lactation milk yield of daughters. After evaluation, the semen of top ranked bulls is used for nominated mating program for production of next generation bulls.

Presently our Mehsana Buffalo PT Project runs in 87 villages of Mehsana Milkshed area and is funded under Rastriya Gokul Mission, Government of India. Since 2012 Central Monitoring Unit (CMU) constituted by Government of India evaluates the project annually as per guideline of Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries, GOI.

Artificial Insemination (AI)

The semen produced in the “A” grade semen station located at Pashu Samvaerdhan Kendra, Jagudan is utilized by the AI technicians located at various village dairy cooperative societies across our milkshed area.

Artificial Insemination (AI) Network and AI work

Particulars 2000-01 2010-11 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20
AI Centers 384 646 786 787 792
Nos. of AI 342976 894439 974023 1022073 971873

Demography of AI Centers

District Taluka Total AIC
Gandhinagar Kalol 45
Mansa 76
Mahesana  Becharaji 10
 Jotana 12
 Kadi 48
 Kheralu 76
 Mahesana 51
 Satlasana 68
 Unjha 20
 Vadnagar 49
 Vijapur 85
 Visnagar 55
Patan  chanasma 23
 Harij 21
 Patan 33
 Sami 16
 Sarasvati 54
 Shankheshwar 3
 siddhapur 47
Milkshed  Grand Total 792

Nominated matting

  • Buffalo:
    We produce High Genetic Merit Mehsana buffalo bulls through nominated matting of elite female buffaloes (dams) under milk recording in the PT Project with semen of top proven Mehsana Buffalo sire.
  • Crossbred:
    We produced High Genetic Merit F1 generation (HF x Kankrej) bulls through nominated matting of elite Kankrej (dams) cows in milkshed area with semen of proven HF sire (imported). Elite CB Cows also used for nominated matting to produce HF CB HGM Bulls.

AI Training center

AI Training Center (AITC) of Mehsana Milk Union is located at Cattle Feed Factory, Jagudan, Mehsana. Our AITC is accredited with “A” grade in 2019 by the Central Monitoring Unit (CMU), Government of India. We are training persons of Village Dairy Cooperative Societies (VDCS) for AI and First Aid as per need of VDCS to expand AI infrastructure and network at grass-root level.

Dudhsagar Patrika

Dudhsagar Patrika is a magazine published by Dudhsagar Dairy which provides activity updates of Dudhsagar Dairy and learning on Dairy Farming, Cattle Feed, Animal Husbandry, Women Empowerment etc.


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