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PTP – Progeny Testing Program

Progeny Testing Program (PTP):

Our PT program ranked No 1 in country by NDDB, Anand.

  • Dudhsagar dairy is running a field progeny-testing program for improving milk yield of Mehsani buffalo in its native tract. The existing program was under expansion to put more number of animals under testing. Considering an advice of animal genetics & breeding experts, we are actively thinking to start field progeny testing program in crossbred cows.
  • To have large scale breed improvement program in field, department is continuously engaged in increasing AI coverage in field through village level inseminator at DCS, using best quality semen. For effective implementation of Artificial insemination program we had collaborations with BAIF
  • Department arrange milk completion every year to encourage farmers for keeping high yielding cow and buffaloes in more number. This will also help to identify best cow and buffaloes for next generation male calves in genetic improvement program.The ability of a bull to transmit his production potential in its progeny can be easily estimated through progeny testing. Usually progeny testing is carried out at organized farms. Due to the limitation of resources at farms (mainly the herd size); progeny testing has been recommended to carry out at field level also. The union has undertaken progeny testing programme in Mehsana buffalo under field conditions. With the cooperation of our farmer members, we were able to start this programme in April-1985. So far a total of 226 Mehsana buffalo bulls, in 17 successive batches, had been put under testing.

Since the inception, 99780 Mehsana buffaloes have been identified and covered under the programme. A total of 427208 inseminations were performed and 40233 daughters born. On the basis of daughters’s performance sires are evaluated. After evaluation ,the semen of superior bulls is used for nominated mating programme for production of future bulls and AI. The results revealed significant reduction in the age at first calving and increase in milk production in their progenies as compared to the reported figures. Mehsana buffalo were reported to calve at about 52 months of age and produced about 1500 Kg. of milk in 300 days. However, the daughters born under progeny testing programme calved at the average age of 45.2 months and yielded 1921 ltr of milk. The kind of results, achieved by the Union is indicative of the successful implementation of the programme towards sustainable milk production enhancement right at farmers’ doorsteps.

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